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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am trying Tsheets on recommendation from a friend. This Web 2.0 site tracks your time and employees time online so it can be accessed anywhere.
Try it out for free today or join for a few bucks.

I'm supposed to mention what I do the first 5 minutes of every working day....

I check my email and respond to LinkedIn invitations and then I see the activity going on at Jewneric.

Monday, September 03, 2007


After six months of initial discussions, planning and talking to as many smart people as we could....Jewneric has finally launched.

What's Jewneric? Good question. We aim to be a place to find the Modern Jewish Voice. Our writers are passionate, smart and have great ideas. They will be writing about many topics including, politics, travel, technology, kosher restaurants, relationships, art, music and many more.

Although we are only in our 1.0 (Beta) phase right now we are really building our content. The site will undergo some cosmetic changes as time goes on, but you should always expect great things to read.

We are gathering together a group of writers who are passionate about their, writers who are experts in their fields and writers who are Jewish. Perhaps we are looking for you?

Nudge us anytime - nudge@jewneric.com. We have super easy requirements to write for us (you must have good ideas, try to post something...anything at least once a week and the theme must somehow be Jewish).

Come check us out - Jewneric.com

Thanks for reading!


Monday, January 22, 2007

The Hulk goes Kosher

I love this video. The Hulkmeister and his family are trying so hard to make their neighbors feel comfortable and be able to eat. Keeping kosher is tough, but it must seem like we are crazy to people. I'm quite happy with the way this all played out, both parties end up looking ok.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Update to "The Awakening"

This Sunday's Washington Post, Sunday Source section, had a road trip idea that left my mouth gaping. It took readers around little know parts of Downtown DC, past the Big Chair and over to "The Awakening". I was astonished to see the exact same pictures and trip ideas that I found off of Roadside America and from the TravelZoo Unleashed DC video.

I found this all to be very amusing. The back page of the Sunday Source had pictures from every stop on the trip, but the article only lists a few, not including "The Awakening".

I'm a little annoyed at the post and wish they would have attributed this better. When I look at their "Travel Deals" each week, I've already seen at least half of them a few days earlier. The post needs to shape up and show something special. With all this massive media house has up its sleeve I am surprised at the lack of synergy.

None-the-less, the Washington Post is an excellent newspaper and I continue to be a subscriber.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr. Politico Officionado

My friend "Josh" started blogging a little while ago about "Politics".

Josh's Political Musings

Find him at http://joshspolitics.blogspot.com/

We both worked for a Presidential Campaign in Iowa a few winters ago.

The whole episode began with doughnuts and great deli sandwiches and ended with sad defeat, booze (not me though) and a long, lonely drive back to Chicago. There was nothing but cold, flat Iowa in between.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Students volunteer for 100,000 hrs. New pledges already at 28,000 hrs!

---Note to Readers of You Got Daved: This is an Experiment---
(Both for volunteering and for the possibility of getting on Digg's main page. I will keep these posts to a bare minimum if ever again, but I want to see how fast a genuinely good deed driven website can be virally promoted.

Got an idea of how to explode this? Let me know, posts a comment. Thanks!)

Volunteer to repair the world by pledging an hour or 20.
The world needs our help. Students have taken the lead in volunteering. Will you stand with them? Help us start a trend! Let us know what you're already doing, or pledge to volunteer some time.

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